Discover Real-World Use Cases for Sailor Cloud

Sailor Lite CI/CD

Sailor Lite – the No-Code, Cloud Agnostic, Infrastructure CI/CD Tool For Automated Cloud Provisioning.

Optimized Templates
Pre-Defined Automated Templates
Automated Terraform Code Generation
Automated Cloud Provisioning
BYOP - Bring your own Policies

Why Choose Sailor CI/CD?

Discover the future of infrastructure management with Sailor CI/CD. Embrace automation, enhance security, and accelerate your deployment process like never before.


Experience unparalleled efficiency in your infrastructure deployment process. With automation at the core, you'll complete tasks faster and allocate resources more effectively.


Our platform's automated processes ensure consistency and accuracy, reducing the likelihood of human errors that can lead to downtime or security breaches.


Seamlessly scale your infrastructure as your business grows. Sailor CI/CD adapts to your needs, ensuring your architecture remains agile and responsive.


With a wide range of pre-configured security policies, you can rest assured that your infrastructure is protected against threats and vulnerabilities.


Our user-friendly interface and intuitive workflows make it easy for both beginners and seasoned professionals to navigate the platform and achieve their infrastructure goals.

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